‘The Fake Drivers License’ Book Review

‘The United States Faceoff: The Driver’s Licensing Game’ is one of the most exciting films you’ll find this summer. Directed by Greg Garcia, the film follows two teens from different sides of the country who come together to play against each other in a high stakes driving competition. Within the film, there is also a very important character played by Jacob Lofland (Zac Efron) who actually manages to get into the US and gets discovered. With some great acting and a great plot, ‘The United States Faceoff’ is one of those movies that is worth the time spent. I’ll run down a little bit of what the film has to offer before wrapping things up.

The movie begins with a series of incredibly amateur moments, including one car chase that goes on for several minutes with no sign of ending. This is followed by a car accident where a cop is seriously injured and the car he was driving crashes right into a police car. In the midst of all this, the two drivers with fake drivers’ licenses race to the scene and the cop is forced to arrest them.

Once in custody, they are then given one hour to come up with the money needed to get an attorney to represent them in court. A week later, they show up at the courthouse and find out that their lawyer is actually a former Border Patrol agent who now practices law full-time. The pair then discover that the driver’s license had been doctored, and it was actually forged by putting a symbol for drugs on it. It then hits them that if they go to court, it will mean jail time, which deters the two from attempting to falsify their drivers’ licenses in the future. They decide to try to fool the judge and pretend that they didn’t get the license, so as not to be penalized for it.

An officer finds out that the license was definitely real and goes after the fake driver. As he is booking them, he realizes that he doesn’t know the person’s last name. Frustrated, he then instructs his officer to ask for the identification of one of the guests. Before he can, though, the fake officer pulls out his badge and identifies the guest as Hector Velasquez, who is a friend of Miguel Delgado, a Mexican illegal immigrant.

After learning the true identity of the guest, the officer asks him to come with him to the station to give him his identification card, and fingerprints. Upon arriving, however, Velasquez is promptly released without any charges. The fake officer now realizes that he was just a pawn in a bigger game going on in his jurisdiction. He decides to help the real victim and seek retribution for the license plate number that was defaced. Click here for more details about US FAKE DRIVER’S LICENSE

Based off of the true story of a high-stakes driving case, ‘The Fake Driver’s License’ offers a humorous glimpse into the world of policing. It also chronicles the sometimes tricky art of policing by using an element of fiction. Although the plot is over-the-top in some aspects, it manages to remain relevant even years later. In short, this is a novel that any fan of law enforcement or those who simply enjoy good detective stories should enjoy reading. It will keep you thinking and questioning until the end!

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