Four Major Parameters to Know How Drunk Are You?

In most states, the law is clear that alcoholic drinks are for people above the age of eighteen years. Besides that, there are certain activities one inhibited to carry while drunk. Alcoholic beverages are useful in our body when used appropriately. Excessive use of alcohol got medical complications. People have to use alcoholic drinks responsibly. Abuse of the drinks got significant legal implications. Most states allow one drink per hour and inhibit drunkards from driving and carrying technical activities that require one to be sober.  If you have taken, some drinks and you do not know if you are legally drunk, then carry out the following tests to confirm how solemn you are.

Carry Out the Blood Alcohol Content Check by Use of an Online Calculator

First, understand what the state’s law demand on alcoholism. The rate of BAC level varies from one country to next. Some countries allow certain levels while others completely hinder anyone with alcoholic content from driving and carrying specific tasks. Anyone who is legally drunk, the blood is 0.1 BAC level. That is the rate allowed in states like Russia. Other countries allow up to 0.8 depending on the states constitution.

Check your BAC by use of Breathalyzer

The device is available in most of the pharmacies. It is among the most efficient ways to check on the alcoholic level in your body. The breathalyzer gives an accurate level of how drunken one is at a particular moment. When you decide to get one or two bottles, it is always advisable to carry the test before driving to avoid collision with the traffic check.

Carry Out the “Touch the Nose’’ Test

The test is among the universal tests carried by law enforcers to check on drunkards. The test is among the field sobriety tests. The analysis is very accurate in delivering the correct results.  A good number of drunkards fall this test especially those high BAC 0.8%. The testy is among the easiest, as it requires very simple steps, one is required to close the eye and extend the arm straight, keep your elbow extended straight out and try to touch the end of your nose-using forefinger. If you are drunk, you are likely going to miss.

Carry the “One-Legged Stand” Test

Anyone drunk above the required level happens to fail the one-legged test. That is the reason why most law enforcers tend to use it. In the case where one is drunk, they cannot stand with one leg off the ground for more than 30 seconds. In this case, you are called to lift one of your legs off the ground and hold it there for about 30 seconds. When one fails to do so, it means they are drunk and law enforcers at times use this method to catch on them.

In conclusion

Being drunk at the right time and doing the right thing is legal. The challenge comes when you abuse drugs and carry out the roles that drunken people hindered to carry. At that level, you are breaking the law, and there is a likelihood of facing the wrath of the law.  Always do some drugs test whenever you take alcoholic drinks to avoid colliding with legal officers.

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