Most popular sports in the world

Due to the lack of universal parameters to determine the popularity of games, there had been contradiction over the popularity of games over the years.  Toda FIFA ranks games justly without any favour since the introduction of common factors to consider.  Among the parameters used to determine the ranking of the game is the global audience, social media presence, TV deals, sponsorship deals, gender equality among others. Following these aspects, the analysts have ranked the games according to their popularity. The most popular ones are as follows.


Considering all the universal aspects, football ranks the most popular game with a fan base of over four billion globally. The game got the highest number of fans, and it is the most celebrated worldwide. According to FIFA ranking, the game tops with the highest number of fans. Over a quarter of world population taking part in participation, either as players or as referee globally making the game popularity rise. The game got unique aspects such as the world cup, which is the most-watched tournament globally, costly TV rights, and most professional game and got highly paid players thus making it extraordinary.


Basketball is the second in command in terms of popularity. Unlike football, the prevalence of basketball as second in command at times faces disputes. With the current rate of growth, it has a chance to prove it is mighty. The game is rooted in America with a great fan base in China, Spain, and turkey. It has very professional players. The game has a high level of income.


It is among the most thrilling game, especially to youth. The international cricket council revealed that the game has strong roots in India, South Africa, Pakistan, UK, and Australia. The cricket game has managed to penetrate to various other countries making it have a fan base in over 125 countries globally. The game got high value thus great returns to professional players. The countries that participate earn good revenue too.


Unlike other games, which are regionally popular, tennis is a global game. The game is a single-player game with fans all over the world. Tennis players’ remuneration is attractive thus attracting more players in the game. The tennis four significant events are highly watched boosting its popularity. It highly appreciates the gender having the highest number of players and fans as well. It is a matter of time; tennis will find itself among the top three favourite ranked games.


The athletics are a global game with fans all over. Just like tennis, the game has tried to accommodate all gender thus making its popularity rise. The athletic got various vents from track events, jumps and running making it the most involving game. The players are highly paid hence attracting many to join. The game is liked globally on the same breath. Olympic competitions are the heart of Athletic contests.

In summary

One cannot lead a busy life always. Having fun is part of life. Everyone got something to do for fun during his or her free time many do choose games. That is either as players or as fans. At times, the fans seem to have more interest than players do. A good number of fans do invest a lot in players or teams of their choice. The above are highly ranked teams, and one can use the piece to make an appropriate decision on which side to join or support.

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