Keith Appleby’s CD – Learn How to Make it Big in Network Marketing

Keith Appleby is a character in the book “Guerilla Marketing”. He was an American advertising executive that worked with a team of ad agencies. The book is about one of his adventures trying to make money in the advertising business. Keith Appleby writes in a very friendly way and is full of stories from his many adventures. He talks about his love for chickens and a business called “Poultry futures”. This book was something that I definitely would have liked to have seen more of.

Keith Appleby had many ideas that could have made a lot of money if he had gotten the timing and the right business. At one point in the book Keith Appleby said that most people fail at business because they are not persistent. He said that many people just want to get out of the business and they lose their drive once they are already in the business. Keith Appleby did not seem to be one of these people and even though he said a few mean things about people that are persistent he does let them know that many times people go through hardships and are not able to achieve their goals. Many times it takes someone that is persistent to get through all the obstacles that come along the way.

One thing that I really liked was that Keith Appleby talks about using a chicken coup with some friends to try to raise some money for a business. Keith Appleby did say that the business would have a low start up cost and was not hard to get going. He said that there were a few people that could hold down a job and keep the business going but not many. He was right on with his estimate of the low start up cost and was probably off by a few thousand. The only people that were able to keep the business going were the ones that started it out with a true passion.

Keith Appleby was willing to sacrifice many things to make sure that his business got off the ground. This is the kind of determination and business acumen that will allow you to make it in this industry. Keith Appleby wanted to share what he had learned from many years of experience in the marketing world. Many people are not aware that Keith Appleby started out in the marketing field, before becoming a motivational speaker, sales person and business consultant.

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If you are willing to dedicate yourself to putting out a good product and taking massive action you can definitely succeed in the network marketing business. With so many scams out there you need to find a solid business system that works for you. You can do that by listening to the CD that is available. Even if you are skeptical at this point, you must know that this man has been through it all and is more than ready to help you. So, what are you waiting for you can have success today!